Medeni Studenec is organic beekeeping and queen bee breeder of MS Carnica Queens in close cooperation with Hrastelj Apiaries. Together with Hrastelj Apiaries, we are the only registered breeders of Queen bees in the Posavje region of Slovenia.

Here is our current offer for 2020.

Random mated Queens

Random mated queens are young queens raised in the current year, the line of which is known by the materal side (matičarji). The breeding district is the valley of the Sava River, where the local beekeepers in the area maintain the genetic purity of the Carniolan bee, and we also contribute the best genetic material for the drones.

Available from early May until early August

Price: 17 € each

Why MS Carnica Queens?


• good orientation
• good honeycomb construction
• low food consumption over winter
• good hygiene instinct


Selection based on:

• calmness
• high yields of honey
• high quantity of bees
• rapid spring development